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Shedding Layers

This is my most liked photo on Instagram of 2016. I posted it in June.

It was my first fully nude yoga photo and I was almost sick to my stomach just before I posted it. I was thinking about what people might say, or not say and just keep to themselves— what would my friends and family think? I decided to post it anyways, because this was a milestone for me. This was me falling in love with myself and accepting my body for what it is. I don’t show my body so you can complement it, or degrade me for showing it… I post my body as itself doing yoga because it is my home. My body has survived abusive relationships, crippling depression, and every unwise choice I’ve ever made. I love my body and I never thought I’d be able to say that. Shortly after this photo my life completely changed. I broke up with my ex boyfriend because our relationship had run its course for me and I left a very comfortable life (and someone who had become my best friend)— a life where I didn’t have to worry about rent or how I was going to eat. I threw myself to the wind and ended up going through one of the hardest times of my life, but somehow it was also the happiest year of my life. I shed so many layers, I rediscovered my fire and independence… And even though I ate a lot of ramen, broke my tooth in half, and almost totaled my car– I survived. This year has taught me that I am strong, that I can survive anything I face, and that I’m ready even when I’m scared. Thank you all for following my journey and for loving me… And if you’re just here because of my naked yoga, suit yourself, but just know it’s not for you and it never will be.


  1. You have such a great grasp of art and how to use only your body to make such beautiful pictures without showing anything that could possibly offend anyone. That is almost impossible in today’s world, I applaud you for bringing beauty back!

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